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Below is the page that related to all project is Penang Island and Mainland


Penang Island Project

Penang, also called Penang Island, Malay Pinang or Pulau Pinang, island of Malaysia, lying in the Strait of Malacca off the northwest coast of peninsular Malaya, from which it is separated by a narrow strait whose smallest width is 2.5 miles 



Batu Kawan Project

Batu Kawan is an island in the city of Seberang PeraiPenangMalaysia. It is geographically separated from the rest of Seberang Perai by the Jawi and Tengah rivers. 



Bukit Mertajam Project

Bukit Mertajam is the administrative centre of the city of Seberang Perai in PenangMalaysia. It also serves as the seat of the Central Seberang Perai District. As of 2010, Bukit Mertajam (core)contained a total of 13,097 residents.


Butterworth Project

Butterworth is the largest urban settlement in the city of Seberang PeraiPenang. It lies approximately 3 km (1.9 mi) east of George Town, the capital city of Penang, across the Penang Strait.

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